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In today’s automotive market, many shops claims to be the best. They also claim “we are number 1”. Is that so?  If it is, how many number 1’s are there? But let’s be realistic they probably do so to get you in the door. So, how can Affordable Auto Performance (AAP) be different from the rest? Are we the best, like some claim to be?  
 We are hard working people and pull out all the stops to do the best job possible.   We don’t need to claim to be number one, but are certainly very proud to have achieved a great reputation and superb customer loyalty. We are honest, do good work and save our customers some money in the process.  
The primary reason why Aap exists today is because it’s owner could not stand the many different ways people get ripped off in mechanic shops. That included small mom and pop shops but also big businesses like dealers. He explains,
        ” I have seen how a simple oil change that would run a bill of no more than $30.00 turn into $300 to $400 mostly on maintenance that was not needed or worse yet, it was not performed at all!  We must give them credit. These service writers, mechanics and shop managers are trained well, they are very deceitful, and you might not know any better and agree to the services and repairs you might not need. They are after all the “experts”. In their defense they make money on everything they sell, weather you need it or not. Not much of a defense, right, but that’s just it, for them it’s all about money.           
Not so at Aap. Seeing these things happen on a regular basis made me angry. I was brought up as a Christian and a basic teaching is that you should treat others as you like to be treated.  I did not agree with many things going on around me, but I was in no position to do anything about it. That made me even much more determined to make a difference. We all need to support our families and we all have bills to pay. Aap DOES NOT take advantage of anybody to put a few dollars in our pocket, if anything we go out of our way to make our customers happy.  I went into business to make a difference, even in a small scale”.
It is clear that with that statement we can appreciate what Aap stands for. We will do anything in our power to make you feel at ease and confident that you are in the right place. But there is more.

Many people say “affordable” and “performance” don’t go together. At AAP we make it a reality. We strive to make auto performance attainable at an affordable price. This does not mean inferior parts, lack of skills or cutting corners. One way we do this is by having a low labor rates.
AAP does not only work on high performance vehicles, we also maintain and repair your daily driver. As a matter of fact, we like to have a 70% general auto repair to 30% performance enhancing projects.  
Weather your daily driver is a Honda accord or a 7 series BMW,   our experience has a broad range from domestics to high end imports.  From repairing squeaky belts to diagnosing and repairing complex electrical components.    We would like to say that we specialize in a particular field or car manufacturer, but the truth of the matter is that we work on everything.
We are currently expanding our business to include tuning on high performance vehicles and alike with our newest acquisition, a Dyno Dynamics Chassis dyno.   
So, there it is. Aap is not claiming to be the best, instead we proclaim excellent workmanship, honesty, great prices… and it all translates to customer satisfaction.                 
Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you make a wise decision when it comes to choosing who services your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions you might have.
                                                                       RACING AND OFF-ROAD USE POLICY
 Some of the products and services offered by Affordable Auto Performance are intended for racing and off-road use only.   Affordable Auto Performance is Not responsible for products and services it provides for racing or off-road use vehicles that may be driven on the street.


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