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Chassis Dyno

Aap has an in house chassis dynomometer! It's made by Dyno Dynamics and it's known in the dyno world as a DD dyno. Its a 450ds 2wd.

Some of the key features are:

  • Rear wheel drive
  • Front wheel drive
  • 4WD/AWD cars, recreational vehicles (with selectable single axle drive)
  • Race cars
  • Sport utility vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Motor Cycles* (with optional adapter)

Power, Tractive Effort, Torque and Speed
Maximum power graphing 900 kW (1,200 HP)  
Max. tractive effort graphing 20,000 N (4,500 lb)  
Max. roller torque graphing 2,250 Nm (1,650 ft lb)  
Max. axle torque graphing (Note 1) 6,150 Nm (4,500 ft lb)  
Max. engine torque graphing (Note 2) 2,100 Nm (1,500 ft lb)  
Max. power steady speed 450 kW (600 HP)  
Max. tractive effort steady speed 13,800 N (3,100 lb)

Roller Chassis
Retardation and Loading  
Retarder/PAU type Magnetic eddy current retarder/PAU
Load/speed availability High load available at all speeds

What does this all mean? That a DD is the dyno you want your car on for tunning and for real horse power and torque numbers. Some dynos will give you crazy numbers that when compared to et times, it's easy to see they are not true. If you are looking for unreal numbers we can't help you.

When it comes  to dyno tunning you only want your car on a loaded dyno. We have this covered with the magnetic eddy current retarder. This dyno can literally stop an 800hp car and bring it to and idle while you hold the throttle wide open. Now thats power!

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