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Deluxe Vett
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Budget build 89 mustang
73 Toyota Carina
89 TransAm 3.8 turbo
08 corvette Ls3
Budget build 89 mustang

We finally get around to this verry patient pony.


After waiting for what seemed as an eternaty for the block to come back from the machine shop, we now are able to get some progress. This is a budget build. to try an pull as mutch horse power with some new parts but more used stuff, more on that later.

As of now the engine is looking good with a few coats of high temp black paint. The black paint was chosen over the typical ford blue to make the engine look some what different, as we but the engine together you will see what we mean.

Here are a few pictures on the engine block with a fresh coat of paint.

We will next install the reground crank that has been balanced. 


Oops I forgot to finish this story. I will soon. Just as a heads up car is on the road.


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